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is Stephen Rudge from  Nashville, TN


Here are some VERY important things you need to know about Jello Yack-it

"Jello Yack-it

COW:  Hey, Stephen, what is your favorite food? 
STEPHEN:  My favorite food would be Mac n Cheese! Anytime anywhere I could eat a bowl of Mac N Cheese.

Stephen helps lead cow front of house & drives everywhere

COW:  And your favorite dessert?
STEPHEN:  We didn’t have a lot of sweets growing up so I’m not like a die hard sweets person, but if I had to choose, I would say any type of cheesecake! 

COW:  A lack of relationship with sweets makes me sad. Oh well. How about your favorite amusement park ride?

STEPHEN:  The Hulk ride at Universal Studios. Is my all time favorite ride! The rush at the beginning is what gets me every time!

COW:  A hulk sounds like a Giant Cow. You should ride ME sometime. Ok, so tell us about YOUR worst injury as a little kid.

STEPHEN:  Well, there was this one time I was playing capture the flag with a large group, and I had the flag in my hand and I was running to cross over to my side, and an opponent tried to tag me, so I dove out of the way, but in doing so, I landed on my shoulder and broke my collarbone. I had surgery the next morning.

COW:  Whoa, that was a long sentence. Ok, so how about your favorite song from church...and your favorite Bible verse?

STEPHEN: I would say my favorite song is the hymn is “Be thou my vision” It is a constant reminder that God is where I need to set my vision. And to continue to seek Him.

My favorite bible verse is Isaiah 40:31 it shows me that I need to wait in God in all things, and when I do all things will work out!

COW:  Tell us about your background in Children's Ministry? What has God placed on your heart that made you desire to minster to children?

STEPHEN: I remember volunteering with Giant Cow as a young teenager even before it was called Giant Cow. God tells us to train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. I remember hearing that when I was in middle school and something clicked that I am supposed to serve kids. I have always loved serving others, so kids ministry just felt right. I help with kids at my local church and have always been eager to help here at Cow


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