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What is the AGE RANGE for a Giant Cow Kids Event?

Our programs are available for kids ranging in ages from 3-12 (please reference the page for your city to find out ages accepted for that event).  All children must be potty trained .


In some cases, your 12-year-old may also be able to serve as a junior leader. For cities WITHOUT a pre-school program or individual 5-year-old acceptance, 5-year-olds may be permitted if accompanied by an older sibling AND with permission from our office via email. Please email your request to (please be sure to reference the city your child will be attending).


Can I receive a refund if my child is unable to attend?

Similar to purchasing a non-refundable concert or event ticket,  Giant Cow does not issue refunds . However, your child's ticket MAY be transferred to another child/family that you are acquainted with if your child is not able to attend. IN ADDITION, you can also SAVE your child's ticket for another Giant Cow event taking place within 15 months of your original event date. Please make your request via email to if you would like to discuss these options.

What if my child has a unique medical or special need?

 During the ticketing process , you will be able to provide us with any special medical information about your child. We will take whatever measures we can to serve these needs. Here are a few common occurrences that effect some families:

  • Food allergies: Because of the many food allergies that children suffer from, we have a strict NO FOOD OR DRINK policy inside our ministry venues. The children will be provided with water. IF your child needs a snack, you can come in, sign them out of their team, and take them outside the kids event space for their mini meal. 

  • Children with Asperger's or Autism: Children with these challenges who have attended our conferences have had a great time and were able to participate well. However, some do have a difficult time with the noise as it can get quite loud (similar to a camp environment). Since each child is placed in a group of 15-25 children and not in a one-on-one care situation, it can sometimes become necessary for us to call parents and have them come pick up their child.

  • "Potty" Issues: Remember, we ask that each child registered be potty trained. The only exceptions to this rule are when Giant Cow is providing specific nursery care for babies and toddlers.

  • EpiPens or Insulin: In the event that your child carries a device that may require administration by either themselves or by one of our personnel, we will keep such an item for your child at the front registration area so it will not be a hazard to the other children.

Because we want your child to receive the best care possible, we will need to be able to get in touch with you via cell phone if we are not able to meet the child's needs during the conference. Please be sure to provide such a number when you register (an emergency number where we can reach you ON-SITE, not a number of an off-site friend or relative).


By the way, our events are  VERY LOUD :-) . Make sure your family is ready. We do everything full speed ahead!

Can I pick up or drop off my child at any time?

Absolutely! You will be able to pick up and drop off your child at any point in time throughout the published times of the event. Simply check in with one of our door security personnel to find out at what activity or event your child is located...and be sure to SIGN OUT your child.

Our programming is designed in such a way that the children will be able to connect to our stories/lessons without being there the entire day. Even if they may miss seeing a skit or learning a new song, the overall concepts will still be understood. Also, your child will not lose their spot if they do not attend the first day or the first few sessions. However, keep in mind that, if they do not attend at all, a refund will not be given.

Will my child be provided with lunch, dinner or snacks?

 No . You will need to pick up your child(ren) for lunch and dinner when applicable as we do not provide it. No food is allowed inside the kids event venue. We also do not provide snacks. With so many food allergies, it is up to parents to provide a snack for your child...and you will need to sign your child out and take the outside the ministry venue to give them the snack. Plenty of water will be available (as referenced in the FAQ medical section).

How does security work at a Giant Cow event?

When you arrive at a Giant Cow event (and after verification of your paid ticket purchase), you will accompany your children to their assigned team. Once at the team, you will SIGN THEM IN with your signature and provide a current cell phone number to reach you on-site while at the conference. At the team station you will be given a wrist band that will allow you access back into our ministry venue throughout the rest of the event. No parent or sibling will be allowed inside the venue without this wrist band.

In addition, each time your sign your child in or out, you will be provided with a "SIGNED FOR" card. This is to confirm to our door attendants that you did indeed provide a signature to your child's team leader. Again, this happens EVERY TIME you drop off or pick up. The "SIGNED FOR" card is your ticket out of the room.

Your children will stay with their teams throughout the entire event. To pick them up, simply show your wrist band at the venue entrance and our door security will direct you to the activity your child's team is currently at. We ask that the SAME PARENT that signed the child in sign the child out. If this may not be the case, please be sure to 1) let your child's team leader know that another parent may be picking up your child and 2) get a wrist band to provide to that parent so they can get in the venue. During ticketing, you will also have the opportunity to let us know if another friend or family member will by authorized to pick up and drop off your kids. 

  • Background Checks: As a part of our child safety process, we screen each volunteer through an internal application process. In addition, any volunteer 18 or older is subject to a criminal background check though

  • Restroom Breaks: As ​a part of our safety and security procedures, no volunteer is EVER alone with a child. For restroom breaks, a volunteer of the same gender always takes more than one child at a time to insure the never-alone policy.

  • Pick up and Drop off: Please be on time for lunch/ dinner/ break pick up schedules. This helps to allow adequate time for our volunteer meals (which they can't eat with children still in the venue) AND for any venue-related room or equipment adjustment, tear-down deadlines, etc.

What activities will my child be doing?

Your child will experience Christ-centered drama, music, interactive memorization, kid comedy, life lessons and much more in our exciting, high-energy  "Round-Ups" . They will also get a chance to participate and compete with their team in group games, relay races, obstacle courses and craft & art projects. In some locations, they can look forward to individual and group talent shows and maybe even a movie night on our HUGE "living backdrop".

Will my older child have fun?

We have had very few children comment on being "too old" for our events. Our volunteers have always done a wonderful job of recognizing when children are feeling that way and handling it as needed. In many cases, we plug these children in as junior assistants on their team and let them help to lead their team of younger children by example. And if you have a  12-year-old  that you feel is mature enough to move past their time as a student in the program, we would welcome them as a junior volunteer!

How old does a young person need to be to volunteer?

Depending on the event, volunteers must be either 12 or 13 years old or older in order to volunteer at a Giant Cow event.

Is it ONE price for the entire kids event?

Yes, unless otherwise noted in your city's event details, the per-child ticket price covers the entire event (or whichever portion of the event you have selected).

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