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is Jaden Linton from  Sulphur, LA


Here are some VERY important things you need to know about Mr. Poof

Jaden is a giant cow KID CONNECTOR & master hair stylist

COW:  Hey, Jaden, what is your favorite food? 
JADEN:  Homemade mac n cheese, particularly MY white cheddar mac and cheese.
COW:  Hmm, someone fancies themselves a cook. And your favorite dessert?
JADEN:  Cremé brulée, although cheesecake is a close second. 

"Mr. Poof

COW:  Tasty. How about your favorite amusement park ride?

JADEN:   I always loved the swings, but I particularly liked one in Six Flags. As it swung you, it took you really high in the air.

COW:  I'm getting dizzy. Ok, so tell us about YOUR worst injury as a little kid.

JADEN:  One time, I cut my thumb. Ya, I know, its boring.

COW:  We will have to help you create a better story...maybe an epic injury on tour. Anyways, how about your favorite song from church...and your favorite Bible verse?

JADEN: Its hard too chose a favorite song, there are just so many, but I really like "My Jesus". My favorite verses are Exodus 4:11-12. In the verses, God tells Moses that He will use him, despite his shortcomings. Its a great reminder that we can and should rely on God in everything we do.

COW:  Tell us about your background in Children's Ministry? What has God placed on your heart that made you desire to minster to children?

JADEN:  I've been helping in various kids ministries at my church since I was 12. Any opportunity I had, I would volunteer. I always enjoyed doing kids ministry, but it was just something would do occasionally. But when I was about 15, I started to feel like God was calling me to kids ministry. This calling led me to Giant Cow Ministries. 


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