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If your family has attended one of our events in the last few years, you KNOW we love to sing! We want to connect you with that music in a way that you can use it in your home or local church. Below are LYRIC VIDEOS, most of which we have found on YouTube, that you can use to display the words of each song in a fun way. In addition, we also have MOTION VIDEOS. These are just our ideas of hand motions and movements to go along with each song. 

You can of course just watch the videos here on our website. However, since we know that you will probably want to have YOUR OWN COPY of each video, we want to give you instructions as to how you can download a copy of EVERY VIDEO ON THIS PAGE (keep scrolling...).


(...of other people's amazing tunes)


Counting On God  -  Ever Be  -  Every Move (Remix)  -  God's Not Dead  -  God Is For Us  -  Good To Me  -  Happy Day  -  Hey, Jesus Loves Me  -  I Believe In Jesus  -  Jesus, I Love You  -  Joy  -  Jump  -  Let It Be Known  -  Let Your Light Shine  -  Let's Get A Little Crazy  -  Made New  -  Nothing Is Impossible  -  One Thing Remains  -  One Way  -  Our God  -  Rooftops  -  We Lift You Up  -  Who I Wanna Be