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Because the GIVER is so much greater than even the GIFT

Giant Cow is excited to be bringing our live musical, "A Giant Cow Christmas", to churches across the United States in 2022. This full-length musical interweaves the hilarious antics of T.G. Cow and his brother, Tom Gary, as they discover a map to a HUGE GIFT that ultimately leads them to the creator of the treasure. Along the way they meet characters like Tour Guide Tim the Great, The Pirate Turnip Guthrie and more, all folks who try to point the brother cows in the right the heart of the GIVER.

Featuring live, original music, fully costumed characters, and craziness that can only happen when cows are talking to each other, this live, 90-minute event is tons of fun for the whole family and for your entire community.

CowChristmas Retractable Ad.jpg


Giant Cow is currently booking dates for the 2022 Giant Cow Christmas Tour beginning Sunday night, November 27th and concluding Sunday night, December 11th.  CLICK HERE  to contact Cow about bringing Giant Cow Christmas Live to your church this Christmas season!

MOO-erry Christmas!

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