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The Cow Takes Over

Have you ever been SO EXCITED about something that you wanted to tell everyone but you weren't really sure how all the words were going to come out? That's how we feel right now here at Giant Cow Children’s Ministries. Why, you ask? Because we are finally putting our team on the road for a summer tour full of Camps, Vacation Bible Schools, and Special Kids Church Events. It’s “The Giant Cow Takeover 2017”…and we want to make a stop to hang out with the kids in your church. And we are EXCITED!​

If your family has been a part of a Giant Cow Convention Event, you already know the level of excitement that these events generate for YOUR kids. We look forward to bringing that same excitement in music, drama and powerful lessons from God's Word to your church family. Whether you have annual events for Kids already planned that Giant Cow could plug right into OR if you are looking to broaden your calendar of Kids Events, we have a multitude of options that can be customized for your needs.

So, what exactly is a “Takeover”? Good question. In addition to the Giant Cow brand of ministry, we want to be able to free up your team from the weeks and months of planning and preparation typically involved in large Kids Events at a church. Our team has EVERYTHING prepared to both create an exciting environment AND provide dynamic, impactful ministry to Kids for the number of days you select. ALL we ask from the local church members is participation DURING the event to spend time with the Kids and establish the critical relationship that can be built on after Giant Cow has moseyed on down the road. Oh, and maybe provide some snacks too!

Our goal with the “Takeover” is to take over all the stress and time-intensive preparation so often involved with these types of events. We want to free up your church members to focus ALL their energies into the days of ministry and focus ALL their attention during those days directly on the Kids. YES, we have some pre-training that we will do with your team via live video feed. YES, we have a TON of places for your motivated Kid’s Ministers to plug right into our programming. YES, we have a bunch of marketing and advertising ideas and resources to put in your hands. And it’s ALL designed to allow your special Kids Event to have the highest value with the least amount of weight on the shoulders of your hard-working team of ministers.

That’s the scoop :-). It would be WAY fun for us if we could include you on The Giant Cow Takeover 2017 Tour. We hope we can meet a need for your church and for the amazing Kids who are already there…AND the ones who might come through your doors for the very first time at this exciting event. We will pray for that to happen in bunches!

Contact Cow today about "taking over" at your church :-)

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