is Luke Rasberry from Danville, IN

Here are some VERY important things you need to know about Rasberry

Luke is one of our Kid Coordinators & Activity Directors

COW:  Hey, Rasberry, what is your favorite food? 
Rasberry:  Gnocchi pasta with Alfredo sauce!!!!​
COW:  And your favorite dessert?
Rasberry: My Mommy’s Lemon Sunshine Cake
COW:  "Mommy." How sweet. Ok, your favorite amusement park ride
Rasberry:  ALL OF THEM!!!!!!


COW: Tell us about YOUR worst injury as a little kid.
Rasberry: Well, let me tell you. It was my first experience ice skating, I was feeling pretty proud of myself and was having a SUPER FUN time…until, it was time to leave and they blew the whistle for everyone to leave the ice. I was skating to the side when I tripped and fell…. I somehow managed to stab myself with my own skate! I ended up with a very deep gash below my knee where you could actually see bone! I received 6 stitches and still have the scar to this day! The day wasn’t a total loss; we stopped for some really yummy ice cream on the way home from the hospital.

COW:  So how about your favorite song from church...and what's your favorite Bible verse?
Rasberry: MY FAV SONG FROM CHURCH IS RIVER by Jordan Feliz. My favorite bible verses are: Isaiah 26:4, "Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD, the LORD Himself, is the Rock eternal;" and Proverbs 29:11, "A fool uttereth all his mind: but a wise man keepeth it in till afterwards. (I love these verses so much I have them both embroidered on my baseball glove)

COW:  Tell us about your background in Children's Ministry? What has God placed on your heart that made you desire to minster to children?
Rasberry: Well I am a kid, I love God, and I love to have fun. I am just out here having a great time with some amazing kids! God has put special gifts in each one of us and one of mine happens to be talking. I can talk to anyone about anything, and I believe that God needs to be talked about to youngens in a way they can understand. That’s me I am the translator, I like to simplify God’s message, deliver it in a fun way and watch these cheerful kids hearts grow for the Lord!


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