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The Cow Volunteer application is going through some renovations. Check back in January 2024 to fill out the new and improved app.




All our volunteers must be at least 13 years old. Typically, young adults ages 13-14 serve as runners or team assistants. Young adults ages 15 and up can serve as team leaders and team assistants. 


We ask that all the workers stay positive throughout the conference. Realize that most of the children aren't used to being in large groups of strangers without their parents there for their security blanket. Its up to you to make them feel welcome and comfortable in this new setting. We ask that you participate in all that goes on. The children look up to you. If the leaders are enthusiastic about all that's going on, then the children will be as well. Although you may feel that some activities like hand motions during songs and scripture memory are a little childish, remember that if you don't do them, then the children won't find them enjoyable either. You play a HUGE role in setting the atmosphere for the event! So keep a smile on your face and always remember that you want the children to see Jesus in you.



These events are times to develop amazing relationships. One of the ways this happens is when each volunteer is in attendance the entire event. That attendance is also crucial for both children and parents from a standpoint of trust. We ask that each individual who chooses to volunteer be a part for the entire weekend.


Dress for comfort and for fun. You will be provided with a t-shirt for the event. Only thing we ask is for long pants.

WHAT YOU NEED TO BRING (if at ALL possible):

> We ask that each volunteer bring $10 to the first event at which they volunteer in a particular year. We will have 2 Theme t-shirts for you.  This helps to offset the cost of shirt printing along with the many other expenses that the ministry continues to incur.

> DUCT TAPE: Since we use a TON of it, bring one roll of the  most creative duct tape you can find

> SHARPIES: Any color you like (although the darker the better) and as many as you like.


We use duct tape and sharpies like cows use their tail ...for EVERYTHING!


If you sign up to work with us, you are agreeing to obey and follow all of the GIANT COW VOLUNTEER guidelines. We don't have a lot of rules, but the ones we have are in effect for a reason. If you are acting inappropriately please know that we will address you on the issue. We don't make that our goal and we trust that we wont have to address you on your conduct.


Screening of our adult volunteers is an important part of our security process. Anyone who volunteers for a GIANT COW event and is over 18 will be subject to a criminal background check. Adult volunteers must provide proof of ID when they report for training before the conference event.

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