"EMBRACE" the children of Guatemala

Servant Ministries, located on the eastern side of Guatemala , was founded by missionary, Nancy Sheldon.  This ministry is committed to the fulfillment of the "Great Commission."  Servant Ministries is found in a very remote part of Guatemala; a region known for its poverty, oppression,violence, and hopelessness.


Servant Ministries has established monthly assistance program for the children.  The "Embrace" program began in September of 2000 with 29 children and now ministers to between 200-300 children in our program at any given time. 


CCI is excited to be partnering with "Embrace" throughout our upcoming season. Be sure to watch for child sponsorship opportunities available at each 2014 CCI event.Here is just one of the many children in whose life you can make a difference...

  GIANT COW's             

     Missions Partner

For $30 a month the children
receive vitamins, parasite
treatments, medications as
available and a bag of food
weighing about 50 Lbs. Every
month they receive things like
beans, rice, sugar, salt, powder
milk, soap for bathing and
washing clothes and much more
along with a variety of fresh
fruits and vegetables. 
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