is DANIEL RICHARDSON from Milpitas, CA


Here are some VERY important things you need to know about Cooler Daniel 

DANIEL is a giant cow  WORSHIP LEADER & big fun maker

COW:  Hey, Daniel, what is your favorite food? 
DANIEL: Favorite food is lasagna 
COW:  And your favorite dessert?
DANIEL:  Favorite dessert is most definitely ice cream 

"Cooler Daniel" 

COW:  How about your favorite amusement park ride?

DANIEL: Favorite amusement park ride is any roller coaster 

COW:  Ok, so tell us about YOUR worst injury as a little kid.

DANIEL:  Worst injury I had was I hit my head on the counter and had to get stitches on my eyebrow.

COW:  So how about your favorite song from church...and your favorite Bible verse?

DANIEL:  Favorite song from church is one way Jesus

COW:  Tell us about your background in Children's Ministry? What has God placed on your heart that made you desire to minster to children?

DANIEL:  Background in ministry is I got my start doing ministry work with Giant Cow and have been working with them for five years and have had a life changing experience working with them