is Kayla Fox from Elyria, OH

Here are some VERY important things you need to know about K-La

Kayla is one of our Senior Team Leaders & has an FANTASTIC smile

COW:  Hey, K-LA, what is your favorite food? 
K-LA:  has to be honey BBQ boneless wings from BW3
COW:  And your favorite dessert?
K-LA:  I LOVE fudge brownies with ice cream.
My dad used to make it for me all the time as a kid.


COW:  Apparently picking one thing for dessert was much easier. How about your favorite amusement park ride?

K-LA:  Rollercoasters are my most favorite thing on this planet!! Cedar point is my life in the summer. I love the Dragster, Millennium Force, Maverick, so basically every ride in the park in my favorite.

COW:  I can never fit in ANY of those rides. Ok, so tell us about YOUR worst injury as a little kid.

K-LA:  Well, growing up I was more of an ambitious child sooo I got hurt a lot compared to others. Here's three of the worst. First, when I was about 4 or 5 my mom was chasing me around the house and she ran me right into a wall, cracking my head open and giving me a huge bump. Second, I was at my cousins graduation party and we were all on the trampoline. Keep in mind you typically could only have 4 kids on at a time, but there was like 10 of us and they were all bigger than me. My oldest cousins jumped right on my ankle and it broke. Finally, I was in first grade playing outside with the neighbors when we were racing wagons. I, being the competitor I am, wanted to win so I pushed our teams from behind. Long story short, we won BUT I ended up completely face planting and scraping my entire face off. Basically, I've been around the block a couple of times.

COW:  So how about your favorite song from church...and what's your favorite Bible verse?

K-LA:  My favorite song at church has to be Worth It All by Meredith Andrews. My favorite verse is Romans 12:12, "Joyful in hope, patient in affliction and faithful in prayer". This reminds me to trust God and stay faithful through the trails.

COW:  Tell us about your background in Children's Ministry? What has God placed on your heart that made you desire to minster to children?

K-LA:  I've grown up helping the children's ministry at my church and I love it. I feel like God is calling me to work with kids, there's just something about raising the next generation of Godly leaders that makes me thrive.


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